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List of WiiU PC utilities

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funkiiu 2019

No description, website, or topics provided. Python Branch: master. Find file. Sign in Sign up. Go back. Launching Xcode If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. Latest commit. DerpyBubblez Add files via upload.

Latest commit bd Apr 25, A user interface to download WiiU content straight from NUS, get legit tickets online if available, generate fake tickets for use with sig patches, and more!

You signed in with another tab or window. Reload to refresh your session. You signed out in another tab or window. Add files via upload. Apr 25, Choose any part of the screen and assign to any of the 4 areas: left and right, front and back.

funkiiu 2019

The result is stunning environmental lighting that immersing your room into the experience. Extend the game world into your room.

4 Trusted Sites to Download Wii U Roms for Cemu

That means the spectacular moments that the game creators focus on will be enhanced with RGB. Your favorite games. Brought to light. Create your own dance party with Audio Visualizer. It activates to bring your music to life. Low-volume response is a soft breathing effect.

High-volume lighting pulses to the beat—rear lights take the bass and fronts take mids and highs. Feel the explosive action from Watts Peak Watts RMS power feeding the down-firing subwoofer and two satellite speakers with lightweight, high-strength metallic drivers. Hear every detail as game and sound designers intended from this 2. And from a wide range of angles, thanks to the unique driver design delivering a huge soundscape.

G connects to and mixes multiple sources: USB, 3. Feel games and music in a whole new way. Two lighting zones per speaker deliver rear ambient projection to enhance your environment and front-facing lights for more active and informational lighting. Make your lights react to any content- games, videos, music.

Tap into advanced audio equalizer or program the G-key to activate custom commands for any applications. Volume control is front and center. Programmable G-key cycles through color brightness by default, or can be programmed to trigger applications or execute in-game macros via G HUB. The power button is also directly within reach on the back of the right satellite speaker.

Bluetooth pairing and power buttons are located on the back of the right speaker. G-key and volume controls are located on the top of the right speaker. Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft group of companies. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Beyond the Monitor.

See Screen Sampler Configurations. Bring Games to Light. DOTA 2. Audio Visualizer. One Speaker for All Your Audio. Designed to Break Boundaries.

Logitech G HUB. Controls at Your Fingertips. Part Number Warranty Information 1 - Year Warranty.This page lists WiiU homebrew related PC utilities. Thread Website. Threadtwitter. Pack files to encrypted content file format. Signature check patch required. GUI version of Tik Modifier. Java tool to verify and fix targa files to use as system menu icon and banners located in the meta folder.

Multi tools and GUI for other application. It can download and decrypt titles from NUS, convert file format, manage memory and cheat codes, etc.

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Multi-consoles files extractor, specialized in music file dumping. It can be used to replace DiscU to extract full Wud disc image. Soneekmariosonicds. Thread Thread Guide. Requires a Gecko Handler on the WiiU. It can also patch or forge Title's ticket. Used to download game updates, titles, etc. Onion Knight.

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Also fixes the ticket if needed. ThreadWebsite.

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A windows multi-tools to help you manage your sdcard for loadiine: Games, updates from NUS, savegames, etc. A GBATemp thread with multiple savegame editors. Look on the thread for the complete list. Gadorach and other users. SimpliiU is an application that prepares your SD Card with all the Homebrew necessary for you to get started.

WiiBATu is a batch script to install the required things to build rednand as well as compile it with just a few clicks. Use to patch fw. Part of WiiUQt tools. Collections of tools based on the WiiQt for the Wii.Bah dans ce cas mieux vaut voir le script python. Voici une meilleur application avec une interface. Salut les gars, je ne comprend plus Aller tenez voici le Title Tik Universel test sur 8 jeux dlc mario kart dlc.

Fonctionne il suffi remplacer ce ticket par ceux de vos jeux dlc demo ect Attention tester et fonctionne uniquement avec rednand et system config tools dev menu N' oubliez pas de m4en faire des retour!

FunKiiU Python Tool v2. FunKiiU 2. And today I added some little fixes and improvements and I think it's ready for the 'release'. Dimanche 30 Octobrepar tralala. C'est a rien y comprendre Voici une autre application mais avec une interface. Il utilise python Si tu sais pas ce que c'est,alors abandonne tout de suite. Mes jeux sont sur dd externe pour faire les mise a jour avec wup installer je choisi install sur disque externe ou memoir interne car veux pas trop faire de boulette?

Merci pour la news. Ou tu trouve une url avec le fichier tickets. Est ce important? Merci de vous connecter pour poster un commentaire Envoyer. Logic Sunrise Limited Copyrights - Toute reproduction sans notre autorisation est interdite.Create your free GitHub account today to subscribe to this repository for new releases and build software alongside 40 million developers. Thanks to cerea1killer for the total revamp yesterday!

And today I added some little fixes and improvements and I think it's ready for the 'release'. I'm bumping the version straight to 2.

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funkiiu 2019

Search for a tag. FunKiiU 2. It's even better this time! Thanks to all the contributors! Some bug fixes of course. Files that already exist are skipped! Later this might be optional but defaultso let you overwrite if you want.

I'm forcing it. Assets 2. Source code zip.

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Source code tar. Reverted to blindly attempt for h3 file, before things would have caused problems. Tell me bugs, but I tested so far and it seems fine. Oct 29, v2. Bug fixes, improvements You signed in with another tab or window. Reload to refresh your session. You signed out in another tab or window.Are you a game lover? In this post, you will get all the latest information and answers to enjoy your favorite games. If you are the fan of video games especially the Nintendo Wii U and want to play their games on your computers or laptop devices for free than is perhaps the best app available in the market to provide you with the particular service.

It is an app mostly designed to run Nintendo gamesand it is very easy to use. Now you can consider the system more than just once. We all know that Nintendo games are unique and there are many people out there who still pay the money to play them on its home consoles. It is the chance for the handheld device owners to experience the same thing not on the television sets but small screen.

Have you ever thought about playing Zelda and Mario one of the best Nintendo games out there literally on your hands? It is in the long development and aids to give gamers the same exact gaming experience by targeting 60 FPS. It has become quite convenient for the creators to make this work and gives you multi-controller support to play multiplayer games for future.

Every one of us has a great taste for games and when it comes to the market leader Nintendo has always made sure to help people and the community to play games on any platform.

Having said that below we have listed some best reviews about 4 Best Sites to Download Wii U Roms for Cemu that lets you play Nintendo games on your PC system to help you understand what are the features will see in it, how can install the complete version of it, which are the things this emulator allows to change, and why you have to download this in the first place Download Granny Smith. When it comes to PC gaming we all know that it is arguably one of the best hardware you can trust to enjoy any game for free and better performance.

It can be underpowered by the likes of current generation consoles like PS4 and Xbox One but still, they are very quite hard to achieve. Whereas, PC is a great platform to run all the games just like other players can play other consoles games on their system.

At the moment Nintendo has not confirmed it, it is development phase where it till getting polished. But one thing is for sure. It is the only place to enjoy best exclusive games on your PC with better control grip and perfect result right on your TV screens. This emulator comes with some great features that allow you to play as you are actual play the Nintendo console itself. You will be amazed to see how much smoother it runs on your computer here some features you might want to know such as.

If there is one game that everyone is talking right now released on Nintendo Wii U is none other then Zelda breath of the wild.If you are a gamer or even an everyday tech nerd like me, you will be familiar with a famous gaming console developed by Nintendo. It is the Wii U. It is a gamepad with its display in between, but unlike the more recent Nintendo Switch, it is not modular by any stretch of the imagination.

That said, the Wii U is completely equipped with all the dope sensors that a great gamepad should have, such as a gyroscope and an accelerometer, and rubberized analog knobs. It became popular because it got along just fine with the existing Wii controllers, s you could use it as a standalone controller when playing with multiple other players on a console hooked to a TV or something.

Nintendo knows their stuff! One such well-built emulator is known as Cemu; you have probably heard of it. It allows you to emulate games originally meant for Cemu to run on your PC. This emulator can run all commercial games meant to be executed on the Nintendo Wii U gaming console.

This emulator software is still a bit of work in progress. But the developers behind it are working extra hard to make it as impressive as possible for us, the users. You can, of course, use their services for free. But it is tough to maintain it on their end, considering all the sweat they put in to make it better every day. So it would be flipping awesome of you to donate a little to them, over at their patreon page.

Here is the website link. They have been bringing some fantastic things to Cemu recently. Stuff like enabling 60 FPS gaming on the thing! They have used some miraculous compiler software that can handle such high frame rates. Anyway, now that even multiplayer support is added, you should be looking for ways to install a Wii U ROMs on Cemu, and rightfully so.

The website seems responsive, and more importantly, you can easily download the ROMs from the site. You can find some more ponderous titles like the legend of Zelda and also Bayonetta over there! But it looks like they no longer have specific games like super smash bros. I mean, the last upload dates were there from Which is to say, older titles have not been refreshed if they have formerly got any updates.

But it is a great place to get some ISOs to enjoy on your Cemu emulator. Visit: Portalroms. DarkUmbra is the place for all your custom gaming needs. A very nerdy combination of a computer graphics term there!

They have a forum, a leaderboard to see who is the most active uploader and stuff over there. You can just search for pretty much any game you want in the search box, and I can almost guarantee that you will get instant results.

There have not been any instances where a fellow gamer who is looking for some dope ISOs for their Cemu emulator has returned gone back empty-handed. You can find all the major titles here and can easily download them, but you need to register yourself as a member.